KADDEM is a company owned by Karim Lemqaddem.

It al started with my passion for animation and audiovisual design wich I wanted to spread out into the world. I find my motivation to give related and quality content to my customers and to put a smile on their faces. I help in translating your story into the right profiling for your business and boost your appearance that fits your target audience.

My journey started when started my study animation audiovisual design wich i finished in 2017. Ever since i knew that my passion was to start my own business but i felt like i was not ready for it. I continued my studies at HKU where i found out that im more a worker than a thinker. these years made me think about my future and made me think about who i am.

now that i have learned about myself and learned more about audiovisual design. I was ready. Ready for KADDEM ready to help people with my experience.

Lets create together!